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Metallic Mesh Glove

Ref: MRC688MM
1 available colors
desde: 106,40 €

Polo short sleeve polyester/cotton 220 gr/m.

Ref: AMFMK210
15 available colors
BlackWhiteOrangeLimaSandGreyGoldAtollPurplePinkNavyRedRoyal BlueBright GreenSky blue
desde: 6,12 €

Padded softshell jacket ELKA® Edge

Ref: EKL086201
2 available colors
desde: 49,95 €

Waterproof coat Elka Xtreme®

Ref: EKL086003
1 available colors
desde: 70,22 €

Thermal Vest ELKA®

Ref: EKL162600
1 available colors
desde: 21,53 €

Polo sleeved polyester/cotton 220gr/m

Ref: AMFMK211
7 available colors
PretoGreyNavyOrangeVermelhoRoyal BlueBranco
desde: 8,14 €

Calça c/suspensórios Elka Xtrem®

Ref: EKL082403
1 available colors
desde: 70,22 €

Thermal Coverall nylon ELKA® Working Xtreme

Ref: EKL088003
1 available colors
desde: 81,43 €

Barreiras absorventes 1,2m p/derrames (Cx 24un)

Ref: CKSS07120
1 available colors
desde: 76,78 €

Thermo Jacket ELKA® 280gr

Ref: EKL160600
1 available colors
desde: 30,07 €

Luva nitrilo ANSELL® Hylite

Ref: ANS47402
1 available colors
desde: 2,75 €

Luva nitrilo ANSELL® Hylite c/punho Nitragold

Ref: ANS47409
1 available colors
desde: 3,75 €