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Safety and Anti-Fatigue Carpets

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Tapete Bubble Sof-Tred NOTRAX®

Ref: NTX417
2 available colors
desde: 37,86 €

Tapete Anti-fadiga AIRUG NOTRAX®

Ref: NTX410
3 available colors
(BL) Black(GY) Gris(YB) Yellow/Black
desde: 21,15 €

Tapete Anti-fadiga SOF-TRED NOTRAX®

Ref: NTX411
4 available colors
(BL) Black(GY) Gris(YB) Yellow/Black(BU) Blue
desde: 21,15 €

Tapete Agro-Alimentar San-Eze II NOTRAX®

Ref: NTXT11
1 available colors
(RD) Red
desde: 128,61 €

Rampa p/tapete NTX11( )

Ref: NTXT11N
1 available colors
(RD) Red
desde: 12,78 €

Conectores p/tapete NTXT11( )

Ref: NTXT11K
1 available colors
(RD) Red
desde: 2,64 €

Tapete Agro-Alimentar perfurado Multi Mat II NOTRAX®

Ref: NTXT23
2 available colors
(BL) Black(RD) Red
desde: 63,95 €

Tapete Agro-Alimentar não perfurado Multi Mat NOTRAX®

Ref: NTXT21
2 available colors
(BL) Black(RD) Red
desde: 62,03 €

Plataforma Anti-Deslizante Safety Trax NOTRAX® (embl.50 un)

Ref: NTX680S
1 available colors
(BL) Negro
desde: 61,70 €